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    Omnis Insurance is one of the best term insurance Company in Coimbatore to secure your assets and protect your loved ones. Our term plan not only for financial losses but also ensure the stability of your family’s future, providing the best value for your money. With our best term insurance advisors in Coimbatore you can receive quick claim settlements and hassle free claim experience. We are trusted by thousands of people as we protect their investments and savings. Our term insurance plan secures the financial future of the policyholder’s family at an adequate life cover at an affordable premium options.  A ₹1 crore term insurance life cover can be purchased at just ₹547 per month*.

    Top Term Plans at Omnis Insurance

    Sampoorna Raksha Supreme
    • Lifetime term plan coverage
    • Premium Returns on maturity
    • Increase coverage at any milestone
    SRS Vitality Protect
    • 7% discount on 1st digital premium
    • 30 % discount on riders premium
    • One free health checkup
    Maha Raksha Supreme Select
    • 10% discount on digital premium
    • 7 plan benefit options
    • Educational benefit for 3 nominated children

    How Does Term Insurance Work?

    Our Term insurance plan in Coimbatore works on a simple concept of income replacement for your financial dependents in your absence. This includes making sure that the family’s debts (personal, home, school, etc.), children’s education, daily expenses, and lifestyle expenses (travel, car, etc.) are covered in the event of an unforeseen incident.

    Complete Health Protection

    Get Policy

    If you get a policy for 1 crore term insurance for 25 years to secure your family.

    Extended life cover

    Unfortunate Death

    In 12th policy you suffered an unfortunate death.

    Hospital Cash Benefit


    Your nominee will receive ₹1 crore death benefit from the insurer.

    Best Term Insurance Agency in Coimbatore

    Tata AIA Life Insurance’s savings plans in Coimbatore

    Have you ever considered your family’s future in your absence? Who will handle their financial obligations, including EMIs, groceries, schooling, and marriage expenses? Will they be able to survive long enough with your savings or investments? No Worry! We are one of the top term insurance agencies in Coimbatore offering a range of insurance solutions that meet your needs. Our term insurance policy is an excellent choice for parents, newly married couples, working women, young professionals, and taxpayers.

    In our best term insurance plan Coimbatore you can easily boost financial protection against accidental death, accidental disabilities, critical care illness, etc. You can buy a term insurance plan for 1 crore at an affordable premium option.

    Maximize Your Tax Savings # up to 46,800+

    Maximize Your Tax Savings # up to 46,800+

    Why Do You Need Term Insurance Policy Coimbatore?

    Tata Aia term insurance plan offers financial stability and safeguards your family’s financial security.

    Tata Aia term plan helps your family to clear loans and dues for assets like a house or car. Also, protect your financial future with term insurance.

    Also in your absence, Our term insurance provides essential financial support to help your family during the tough time.

    Term insurance prepares you for unforeseen financial needs, such as emergencies or unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic. This ensures you have a safety net for your family.

    Our term insurance plans are cost-effective premiums and large coverage offering financial protection without straining your budget.

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    Secure Your Family’s Future Today. Get a Term Insurance Plan in Coimbatore for Reliable Financial Protection.

    Why Choose Term Life Insurance Coimbatore?

    Tata Aia Coimbatore stands out for its commitment to providing innovative insurance products and exceptional customer service.

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    Benefits of Buying Term Insurance Plan in Coimbatore

    Do you Take the Right Measures to Secure Your Health and Wellness?

    Who Should Buy Term Life Insurance Policy in Coimbatore?

    What are the Payout Options in Term Life Insurance Coimbatore?

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    Discover Our Clients Recent Asked Questions
    Term insurance is the purest form of life insurance that offers life coverage for financial security to the policyholders for a specific policy against fixed premiums. In case of an unfortunate demise of the policyholder during this timeframe, the insurer provides a lump sum payout to the nominee, called life cover, to manage their expenses.
    There is no time limit to buy term insurance. It is advisable for younger individuals who seek peace of mind and wish to ensure the financial stability of their loved ones to purchase it at an early stage of 20s and 30s.
    Age,Gender,Smoking and Drinking Alcohol,Profession and Lifestyle Habits are some of the factors that affect term insurance plan.To know more contact our Tata Aia experts to clarify your doubts.
    Yes, buying a term insurance plan in Coimbatore can be worth it. It provides financial security for loved ones in the event of the insured’s death, offering peace of mind and protection against uncertainties.
    If you become an NRI after purchasing a Term Plan, your policy remains intact and continues to provide life cover anywhere in the world.

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